April 12th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Never Enough Sleep

Junie kept waking me up again last night until Loki came in about 5am and then they were both quiet. I got money at the ATM and bought groceries and dropped them off at the condo (put eggs in the fridge) and then went to the car shop and drove back with their driver (no step on the passenger side) and then he drove to the shop. They're scheduled to work on it first tomorrow. The engine has been sounding rough, but what really worries me is that the van might not pass the emissions inspection. If it doesn't, I have to get a new car, and I don't have money for that.

When the University of Maryland wins a big game of some kind, the kids always get out and party on the streets. A couple of college guys were charged for beating up horse police and the horses. But the charges have just been dropped. Why? There was a video that showed the opposite happened. The police hurt the boys, and didn't see the video, so they lied.

In Kabul, women are rarely allowed out of the house or to talk to any male other than young children. India built them a park and self-education area where the women can drop their burkas on the ground and play on the swings and learn how to do things to make money. That's a great thing for India to do!

I'm very close to napping, and then I'll come back later.