April 10th, 2010

20111112, Marilee


I slept until 2:45pm and have been sleepy since then, so when I finish writing this, I'll nap and then come back later to read. I don't have much to say, anyway.

Apparently our governor wants all the anger at once. Virginia and Kentucky are the only states that require the governor to decide about giving the vote back to non-violent felons who are out of prison. All other states just have a rule about time. For Virginia, the felon has to fill out a form and stay out of trouble for three years. But now the governor is putting in another step -- all non-violent felons out of prison must also write him a letter saying why they should have the vote, including what church they're going to, along with other items. Remind you of any other method of making voting difficult for blacks and minorities?

Back in 1998, a judge let a guy with two previous DUIs go, no jail. And then August 2009, that guy ran into the judge and his wife, leaving them with major damage and none for him -- he walked around smiling while other motorists tried to help the couple until the rescue squad came. Their life has been changed completely from what it had been. Not a nice kind of irony.

Did you hear about the new fossils found that show something like part ape and part human? And the guy who found them did so because he used Google Earth to see new caves from above. (His boy was the one who actually pointed at the first fossil.)