April 9th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Everyone knows it's Windy

I think I still have that LP in the storeroom, but it is definitely windy today. I'd considered getting an ice cream cone at Nathan's after I dropped a book off at the library, but the wind made it way too cold.

We didn't have enough books for this month so I read a copy, taking notes in bed, and transcribing them in the morning. My handwriting is truly awful and I always had to bring the book with me to make sure what I was reading was accurate. I finished the book last night and added the end of the last bit to the document and then went to the librarian.

Our librarian/fan/friend was on the information desk today and she was talking to someone with what sounded like a Russian accent about the library calendar and programs and so forth. While they were talking, I took my glasses off to clean them and almost fell over. I almost fell over more when I tried to get the glasses back on quickly. The person at the desk was looking at things and the librarian asked if I had the book for her, and I handed it over. She still has the ear infection which makes her voice very gravelly, and she asked about me and I told her my feet are about halfway down.

Folks are taking a new look at Virginia's Confederate history because of McDonnell's idiocy. An opinion writer from the WashPost points out that while McDonnell says “the people of Virginia joined the Confederate States of America”, if you actually count, it's much more even between those who wanted to secede and those who didn't.

A WashPost columnist talked to a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans who actually compared Confederates to tea parties. He said It's important to keep in mind that, for many Virginia conservatives, today's struggles against Obamacare and climate change laws are a continuation of the efforts by Jefferson Davis and the other secessionists in the 1860s. They were fighting for the same things that people in the 'tea party' are fighting for now.