April 4th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

BFAC Auctions 4/4 - 4/11

Wow! Two have bids before I finished putting the auctions up! What do we have today? Two spiral necklaces, one crocheted; two multistranded necklaces, one with woven ends; a bead-embroidered butterfly necklace; a scissors case with doll; a beading/sewing box; and a hanging sculpture.

Have a look!
20111112, Marilee

Better Feet

Today I can move my toes and rotate my ankles without pain! The edema is going down slowly. I put up the BFAC auctions and am washing sheets, nothing exciting.

I looked at Kaiser's information on changing Medicare Advantage plans and they say they hope that part is revisited.

While I was still reading last night, my stomach kept growling and I realized I'd only eaten 460 calories and 24gr protein yesterday. So I thought about what I had that would increase those and was quick and easy and I ended up wrapping shredded mozzarella in a tortilla and zapping. Turned out well.
20111112, Marilee

Koi... Mil Gaya (Found Someone)

The WashPost gave this an excellent review, but I couldn't find it on their website. Wikipedia has some information, but it's clearly by people who aren't that familiar with SF.

This three-hour movie pirates throughly from Close Encounters of the Third Kind, somewhat from ET, and had the slanting credits from Star Wars. At least half the movie was singing and dancing. The songs have repetitive lyrics, only a few phrases, and the dancing is nothing special, so it worked well while I was beading. Oh, it didn't have the page where you can choose movie, set up, etc. at the beginning of the movie, only at the end, and although the case says "English Subtitles," there weren't any until I remembered the Subtitles button on my remote, which I've never used before.

An Indian living in Canada makes a computer and starts sending a series of musical notes (care to guess?) to bring aliens. When the aliens reply, he goes to tell the scientists and they tell him he's an idiot. On the way home, he and his pregnant wife see the spaceship and he's so excited, he lets the car go over the edge a bit. The wife over-corrects, he's killed, and the embryo has brain damage.

They move back to India and we see where their son, Rohit, is about 12 and is mentally damaged. His friends are all little kids who are roughly his mental age. With a screen change, he's up to 18 or so, but still has the mind of the little kids. They see a pretty girl, Nisha, and get her to drop them off at a movie and she thinks he's the right age for his height and is very angry.

When she gets home, she finds out about his mental disability and is told that being nice to him might fix things. This is where the first long song & dance is.

He wants to get into a computer class, but isn't allowed because he's too stupid, so he and Nisha get out his father's computer and put it together and then follow the instructions, only to once again contact a spaceship. This time everybody knows something has happened and they find the place where the ship landed. There's one more set of footprints that comes out than goes back in, so the local officer goes looking. Instead, Jadoo (who gets energy from sunlight) makes it to Rohit's house where he keeps his mother away, but Nisha and the young kids meet him.

Jadoo gives everybody powers and they do a lot of unbelievable things (and Rohit gets the intelligence beyond his years) and there's more singing and dancing.

Jadoo tells the kids that if he goes away, all the powers will go away, and that will mostly hurt Rohit. Rohit wants him to get away safely, anyway, and puts out the call to the spaceship again. Before it gets there, the officer catches Jadoo and starts to carry him off and Rohit uses his powers to get Jadoo loose. They go to the place where the spaceship landed the first time and Jadoo goes onboard. We see silhouettes of the other aliens at the door, in front of bright light.

The spaceship goes off and Rohit loses his powers. He still helps the little kids and then his powers come back -- we see the spaceship leaving.

The actor who played Rohit completely missed having the brain of a much younger child and the actress who played Nisha didn't seem to have more than one facial expression. The movie is probably meant for kids, but it's not bad for adults. If you don't like all the singing and dancing, you can fast forward.
20111112, Marilee

Starlight 2 edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden

This is from 1998 and was at the top of my to-read piles, so maybe there's 12 years of books there. It was nominated for a number of awards and has a lot of reviews.

I liked almost all of the thirteen stories in the book, which is unusual. This anthology is from so long ago that I've read some of the stories before in other anthologies. I loved Starlight 1 and expect to love Starlight 3. Patrick is an excellent editor.