March 23rd, 2010

20111112, Marilee


I was asleep about 6am when I heard what I thought was Spirit's water bowl again, and I saw Junie was missing. Sure enough, when I went down the hall, Junie was standing next to the end table, the water bowl was on the floor, Spirit's bed was on the floor, and Spirit was hiding between the recliner and end table. I put Junie in the guest bathroom for punishment and got Spirit's place back how it should be. It took her a while to get back in bed. Fortunately, that was the time I could take acetominaphen, so I didn't have much pain and slept until 2pm.

It's raining and back to chilly today -- mid 50s -- but rain is always good in the spring.

I went to get money (Lucila comes to clean tomorrow and I had just enough money to pay her) and then picked up yesterday's mail on the way home. It was all ads except for a letter from the census asking me to make sure I fill out the Census, and I already did and sent it.

The Virginia Attorney General has filed his suit against Sebelius and the feds for the health reform bill.

And our Governor ran on taking care of transportation, but all he's done so far is to re-open three rest stops, run by prison inmates.