March 18th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

More Sleeping

I got up and took the urine to the lab and got stuck for comparison. I came home and napped for 3.5 hours in the recliner. The son of friends from the bookgroup woke me up by calling and asking if I was willing to make things for donation to an auction at the boy scout spaghetti dinner and since they don't have to be done until 5/15, I can certainly get a few things made.

I've been working on setting up the auctions for Sunday -- I like to have them looked over by the other board members to make sure I didn't miss something.

I moved working on taxes to tomorrow because I expect to be home all day and not have much to do online.
20111112, Marilee

The Complete Paratime by H. Beam Piper

Charlie Stross mentioned this book as inspiration for the Merchant Princes books. Having read those and now this, I can see where that comes from. This book happened to be second to read on my piles, so when Charlie mentioned it, I just started it first.

The book is rather strangely constructed, no influence from Piper. Clearly the first section, the non-Kalvan stories, was originally printed alone. Then the Kalvan novellas were printed alone. So this book has an Introduction that has only the first set in the table of content and a single line addition that the second set was added to the first set.

The Introduction is by John F. Carr and I found it to be stilted and rather patronizing. I enjoyed the info about Piper, but most of the info he included about the stories came word-for-word from the stories.

All of the book is about Paratime -- a set of timelines where only one group of people can move between them. The Paratime Police have to take care of a lot of problems in the first set.

In the Lord Kalvan stories, the Paratime Police are only in small places. Kalvan is actually a near-our-time sheriff who gets caught in the method of changing timelines and dropped in someplace that he didn't know, but was smart enough to manage to fit in, and to help the people he meets (primarily because of the history he learned in school).

These stories were written long ago and everybody smokes something all the time and the adults are "men" and "girls." They were interesting stories, but I did feel a bit like I was looking back in time.