March 10th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Lunch With Most of My Brother's Family

I not only had to get up a couple hours early, I didn't sleep well. It's a good thing that when Junie hears the alarm, she wakes me up -- I had the bad ear up. Dixie Bones has a new brick facade and a catering truck was on one of the handicapped spots and too close to the other, but there were regular spots close enough. The restaurant is in the parking lot of a very old and cheap shopping center, but the people who came in were almost all businessfolk.

My brother, his wife, and their daughter came; their son is living with his girlfriend's family because he's mad at his folks. I renewed my belief that my sister-in-law is not very bright (my brother always dated or married women who were very submissive or not very bright) in that I had to keep explaining things to her. They brought me a present -- a neck warmer -- that has clearly been worn quite a bit and not washed. I think I'll wash it and take it to the charity the next time I go.

Their daughter had a grilled cheese sandwich, I had the Giant Stuffed Potato with pulled pork and brought about half of it home, and my brother and his wife shared a meatless Giant Potato and a pulled chicken plate.

I was really close to sleeping on the way home so as soon as I got here, I swapped shoes for slippers and Spirit and I slept for 2.5 hours. We woke up because a pharmacist who is going through my meds had some questions. Kaiser has asked me to write up a form with my meds and show that I know what they're for and how to use them before, and the letter with this one made it seem rather required (or see a pharmacist in person), so I attached a copy of the pink paper with diagnoses, insurance info, and meds and sent it off. Even I can't read my handwriting after a few days. So the pharmacist had several questions and there would have been fewer if he'd asked if I had a nephrologist. I mentioned her and then he was completely comfortable with the meds and labs.
20111112, Marilee

Other Things For The Day

Remember when I posted about the Virginia Attorney General telling colleges and universities that they can't have anti-discrimination rules? Well, the students are rising up. Yep, they're posting to Facebook and Twitter. One college planned a rally for today, but apparently a lot of students thought posting online would make people take them seriously.

And today, our governor spoke against the AG saying there should be no discrimination. I wasn't expecting that.

The WashPost Health/Science section yesterday had an interesting article on pregnancy group appointments, saying In the group setting, the women have access not just to doctors, nurses and midwives, but also to each other. They are taught how to take their own and others' blood pressure and weigh themselves. Further, over two hours, they can go much further into depth on topics of pregnancy -- working off each other's questions and experiences -- than would be possible during a 15-minute visit. In fact, the chat about knowing the signs of labor evolved into a discussion -- complete with role-playing -- about how to tell your husband it is time to leave for the hospital.

In the same section, a doctor talks about the problem with not knowing whether an emergency patient has a DNR or DNI, and just on the side mentions putting in a central line in three seconds. That sounds so nice -- I've had five central lines and the shortest time it took to put one in was three hours. My chest is weird.