March 1st, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Unexpected Nap

I was just up at 1pm and I got an Unknown call and decided to answer it. It was a good thing I did because it was one of my neighbors who was worried I'd fallen or something because my paper was still on the stoop and my shades weren't opened the last two days when she came home from work. I thanked her and explained that they are almost never brought in and opened before she got home because she was usually home before I get up (she has a very early shift at a grocery store), but she still seemed worried. When I see her next, I'll have to ask when she leaves for work because I bet I'm frequently still reading and the light would be on.

I got groceries today and came home yawning my head off. After I'd scooped the boxes, I went to the bedroom to swap my shoes for slippers, and about 90 minutes later, I woke up in the bed.

Junie still really loves the box that Spirit's litterbox came in, along with the crunchy brown paper -- today she practiced jumping from the crenellations of the castle all the way into the box, and doing it quite accurately.

Remember how I said I scanned wedding & engagement announcements? There was one yesterday where the engagement announcement listed the job of the future bride's father. This is rather unusual. Usually you just list the jobs of the future bride and future groom. The future bride's father works at a law firm that doesn't have his name in its name.

The WashPost has put up a new blog called Political Bookworm "Where tomorrow's must-read political books are discovered today". I thought some of you might like it.