February 22nd, 2010

20111112, Marilee

The Nap

Spirit and I just got up from a two-hour nap. I started coughing and it annoyed her and she got out from under the duvet and then complained that she wanted water. So I figured it was time to get up.

redbird asked in her post where she can get good chocolate and I offered up the local professionals, Chocolaterie Wanders. I've bought myself chocolates from there occasionally, but they're really good so I use them for gifts, too. Their website was changing so I looked through again -- they don't have the kind of chocolates up at the moment, but they do have chocolate-dipped crystalized ginger and a new tea chocolate. So I ordered those and they responded as they usually do when it's for me -- if I wanted to come pick it up, they'll refund the shipping. They're about five minutes away in an industrial center and there's a small front office, but the rest is all making chocolate.

So that's what I did first today, I picked up the chocolates, then I went to the DMV to renew my driver's license. It hadn't been this busy the last time I was there, but that was ten years ago -- the fifth year after a renewal in person, you can renew online. They're letting you do a lot online now. I waited an hour to have my number called and then spent ten minutes getting a paper that I have to drive with (along with the old license) for the next seven to 10 days until I get the new one. I almost didn't get it, though; I wasn't reading one of the letters right and I gave her the letters of that general shape and got it right on the third try. I'll have to see the optometrist.

Then I headed off for a short grocery trip. I have Peapod delivering on Thursday so I only picked up some things that the grocery has on sale, that I have coupons for, but aren't on sale at Peapod.

I started on the computer and when the sleepiness took over, I put the first load of the cat blankies in the washer and Spirit and I headed down to sleep.