February 13th, 2010

20111112, Marilee


I haven't had pizza in a long time and I was craving it so I ordered one. I had to "create my own" to get one without too much protein, even when you think of it as individual slices, and that will last for a few days.

I got up late today because I stayed up and read because of the nap with Spirit yesterday. I went down to get yesterday's mail and there wasn't anything in my box. The shoveling guys only shoveled the sidewalk and around the clusterboxes; someone had pushed a very narrow path in the area where I usually stop to get the mail and I was able to get through it hanging on to the door and the clusterbox. I hope that one melts soon.

The snow forecast for Monday has been pulled back to "dusting to two inches" which would be nice.

Spirit is still using her triangular litterbox when she needs to go, even when the other two are in the room. Junie is still playing and sleeping with the brown crunchy paper in the box the litterbox came in, and Loki still sits where he can see the most of what's going on.

Ah, the pizza came.
20111112, Marilee

Bell, Book, and Murder: Speak Daggers to Her, Book of Moons, The Bowl of Night

This is an omnibus by Rosemary Edghill, formerly known as eluki bes shahar, and published by Forge (this will be shown important soon). I have these of her books:

Hellflower series

1. Hellflower (1991)
2. Darktraders (1992)
3. Archangel Blues (1993)

Bast series

1. Speak Daggers to Her (1994)
2. Book of Moons (1995)
3. The Bowl of Night (1996)

The Twelve Treasures

1. The Empty Crown (SFBC Omnibus Edition of the three "Twelve Treasures" novels)(1997)
2. The Sword of Maiden's Tears (1994)
3. The Cup of Morning Shadows (1995)
4. The Cloak of Night and Daggers (1997)

You can see she didn't finish the twelve, and the omnibus I read is the Bast series.

The protagonist, Bast, is Wiccan. She lives in New York City and lays out books and such. Each book has a murder that's related to Wicca and she's the one who figures them out (I figured them out a bit earlier than Bast). She has a wonderful "voice" and put in things that made me laugh. For example, she lays out a piece for "Flatiron Publishing" and Forge is in the Flatiron Building. She sleekly compares a Wiccan convention to an SFF con. She has Red Zinger and Morning Thunder tea, which I haven't even thought about for years.

The mysteries are engrossing and her descriptions and showing of Wicca is almost hidden, yet you understand what it is. Bast grows and learns during the books, so be sure you read them in this order if you don't get the omnibus.

I highly recommend these (and the other books of hers that I own -- I don't know about the others).