February 2nd, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Mixed Snow & Rain

It isn't really mixed, there's some rain and then some snow. We're supposed to get more snow about 11pm and end up with 3-6". I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, so I'm worried about that. And now they're giving tomorrow a lower temperature, just above freezing, so I'll probably end up canceling the appointment and waiting another six weeks for another appointment. Then again, mid-March is less likely to have snow.

I remembered (and checked) that yesterday I said it was my right shoulder that hurt, but it's my left shoulder. I'm not just losing words and forgeting things, I'm losing directions.

Last night Spirit got up on the castle by herself and then spent some time on the recliner, ending up in my lap. She started to pee on the towel, but I quickly moved it out and put the litterbox on the shelf of the end table and after looking closely at it, she used it for the rest. So maybe the litterbox needs to be that much closer, but then the towel would move farther from the recliner, and I don't know where I'd put her food and water.

Hmmm, I just searched again and found a triangular litterbox that will fit on the shelf of the triangular end table and bought it. I can put her food and water on the other table's shelf. I hope this works because I already have an extra litter box.