February 1st, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Online Too Long

I was online seven hours yesterday; I probably shouldn't have read all the comments on Charlie's posts on the Amazon/Macmillan thing. I'm supposed to have my feet up more, so I'll have to work on that.

Enough of the snow had melted by 2pm that I could get to the van, turn it around to the other side of the parking lot, and scrape soft snow off and let the sun melt a lot of it. When I got home from the grocery, it was still wet and I backed in to my spot differently than usual so I could get in and out of the van without stepping on snow. When I went to get Luke's and my mail at 5:30pm, it had turned to ice. We're supposed to have a couple inches starting tomorrow night and Wednesday, so we may be getting the snow on ice.

As I headed out to do my errands, there was a two-car accident at one of the two ways out of this area. The van belonged to someone in this development. The odd part is that there were nine emergency vehicles there. Our city has had volunteer firefighters and volunteer EMTs for a long time, but it's now to a point where we need a professional fire & rescue unit. The volunteers said if they had to work under the professionals, they would all quit. So we've spent years trying to work that out. The nine vehicles there: four were from volunteer rescue, one from volunteer fire, one from professional fire, one from professional rescue, and two leader cars. While I was counting, I was waiting for someone to direct traffic so it wasn't backed so far, and a firefighter did that.

I got money from the ATM, dropped a book at the library and a DVD at the post office, and got groceries. I probably should have had someone else pull the boxes with litter from the top shelf and then into the car because my right shoulder hurts a lot.

The chihuahua who alerted its owner of the truck fire died today -- the smoke inhalation got it.

Spirit has been clawing at the castle and sitting on the top back of the recliner again, and that's a lot more movement. When I came out here this morning, she was on the top of the recliner, so she's doing it without me to cover for her.

I'm washing cat blankies and I had to move Loki for the current batch in the washer and when that goes into the dryer, I'll have to move Junie for the next batch.