January 20th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Busy Day

The Ultra Cat Attractant came and it turns out to be fine herbs/grass rather than liquid. I'll try it tomorrow, although Spirit has been using the litterbox the last couple of days, while it's been in the secluded spot.

I took trash and recycling out, got gas ($2.67/gallon), dropped a DVD off at the post office, which was very busy, and had lunch at Olive Garden. I'm very fond of their chicken gnocchi soup.

I think I got a month's worth of junk mail today, but I had the bag I keep the newspapers in and I brought it all in with that.

I'm still having problems with words. Not just talking, but writing. When the waitress asked what I wanted to drink, my brain was empty for about two minutes. Finally she got to "tea" in her list and I said "Yes!"
20111112, Marilee

The Skeleton Key

This was supposed to be scary, but it wasn't for me. Then again, I rarely scare.

A nursing assistant goes to work in a New Orlean's antebellum mansion for a woman whose husband is paralyzed. The assistant thinks he is trying to get her to help him get away and she finds a secret room in the attic with a lot of vodoun. She looks into the vodoun and tries to use that to free the man. Gena Rowlands did an excellent job as the woman.