January 15th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Better Hand

By about 7pm, my hand and fingers started wrinkling again and the parts of the fingers between the knuckles started getting smaller than the knuckles. Today it's still swollen a bit, but not like yesterday.

I took packages to the post office, dropped some things off to the charity, and tried to find the Precious Cat Ultra Litter Attractant at PetSmart. The manager was sure they had it, but he couldn't find it. I ordered it online when I got home.

We have bookgroup tomorrow, so I wrote up a page of Reynolds' books with the Revelation Space books in internal chronological order and then the other books. All of them have brief descriptions. I planned to have read all ten by tomorrow, but I'll be starting Galactic North tonight because I re-read Hogfather on Christmas week.
20111112, Marilee

Turquoise Days, Diamond Dogs

This is a two-novella book in the Revelation Space universe.

"Turquoise Days" is set on a Pattern Juggler planet where the humans are trying experiments to find out just what Pattern Jugglers are, when other humans arrive who have differing ideas about how to treat the aliens. This happens some time before Absolution Gap chronologically.

"Diamond Dogs" has a group of humans from Yellowstone (this edges between The Prefect and Chasm City chronologically) head out to foil a large spire on an empty planet. The spire requires them to figure out mathematical problems that increase in difficulty as you go up the apire. If you get one wrong, the spire tries to kill you.