January 12th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Groceries Today

Lucila came to clean today and while Spirit and I tried to sleep in the recliner, I think she got more than I did. I'm probably going to nap after I post this. We have to change the date for the next cleaning because her son will be having surgery for his scoliosis and she doesn't know how long he'll be in the hospital.

I put on shoes and went to get my long list of groceries today and hurt a lot by the time I got to the checkout. I saved $15 with coupons and sales and got two checkout coupons -- one for $3 and one for $5 -- so in the end it was only about $40 and I got a lot of frozen things I like.

I mentioned a while back about a police officer being a lookout in a robbery in Prince George's County. Well, here's an update.

My left ear and throat hurt, too, so I'm definitely taking a nap. Probably back to read LJ and ML tonight.