January 9th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Jiffy Lube Live

A couple days ago, I commented on the Quicken Loans Arena, mentioning we have our business-named arenas, too. The Nissan Pavilion has been around so long I'd forgotten it had to do with cars, and now it's being changed to Jiffy Lube Live. That just doesn't sound very enticing. The WashPost has a silly set of suggestions for changing this kind of name.

I had a really bad night -- two toes had the gout bit where if anything even brushes them, they hurt like crazy. The frame I use for that in bed was in the storeroom and I wasn't going out at night when it was that far below freezing, so I used the walker. Junie and Loki have never seen that kind of use and were very curious. I went and got the mail even though I was taking the Schedule 2 meds through the night and day.

Only the utility room and Cat Attract litterboxes were used since yesterday, so I think it's the Cat Attract litter. But I also think Spirit liked the position of it originally, so I'll give it another day just to make sure. I have a note on my week list to call the vet on Monday -- there's a liquid Cat Attrack that can be mixed with litter (even clumping litter, they tell you a technique to use), but you have to get it from your vet. If she has to buy cases or something, I'll contact the company and see which vets around here have it.