January 6th, 2010

20111112, Marilee

Watching Behavior

Last night Spirit made the "want to eliminate" noise and I quickly opened the boxes and put the litterbox on the floor, pulled over a chair so I could pour the Cat Attract into it, and rearranged the furniture. Within one minute, she'd peed in it. Later, in the two minutes I was collecting trash down the hall, she pooped. This morning, there was poop in the middle and two pee clumps in the corner Junie likes. So I figure I'll have to watch and see if Spirit likes the litter or that Junie hadn't used it yet when she did.

Earlier tonight, Spirit started getting into the litterbox, but Junie came over from the crenellations and stared at her and Spirit backed off onto her towel. Spirit is also a bit short for using this box, so I'll have to think of something for that, if that turns out to work. I'll have trouble dealing with clay long term.

I took the trash (including the clay clumps so far) and recycling out today and managed to spill my ice tea on part of my desk. Fortunately, nothing important was damaged.
20111112, Marilee

House of Suns by Alastair Reynolds

This is 100 pages shorter than the others and it took me 150% as long to read for two reasons: 1) my wrists and fingers hurt a lot and I'm reading, resting, reading, resting, etc., and 2) the two protagonists, Purslane and Campion, have almost the same voice. I constantly had to go back up a page to where it identified who was speaking and then go down until I found who was saying what. Later in the book, the two are separated and then there wasn't any problem.

This book is structured in parts, with each part starting with some time with a small girl who will start everything in the rest of the book, and then goes on to chapters which alternate viewpoints from Campion and Purslane. Campion and Purslane are two of the thousand "shatterlings" -- clones of the small girl who circuit space making money and learning things. The two of them are consorting, which is not allowed, and are late for the shatterlings reunion, but when they get there, the reunion has been destroyed. By whom? Is there a traitor? How can they fix what happened?

This was really interesting and other than the voices problem, I would like it a lot.