December 31st, 2009

20111112, Marilee

The Rheumatologist

We had ice on the ground & roads when I looked out at 10am and called the rheumatologist's nurse to try and get a soon appointment and cancel today's. She said the next appointment is in March, so I really needed to come if I possibly could. Since I was up, I came out to the living room and slept with Spirit in the recliner until 1pm, and it was only wet outside by then.

I had planned three errands on the way to the doctor, and still had time to boot up the computer and take care of the email. My first errand didn't work out well -- I had a box with a prepaid UPS label and just a couple of months ago, I took another one to a very close UPS store, so I just assumed I could take it there. I got to the shopping center and the storefront was empty. (I've checked for another one for next week -- it doesn't have to be there soon.) Then I dropped off a DVD and picked up a book at the library.

This book was mentioned in the WashPost and I knew the other volumes of Eat This Not That were for weight loss, but I hoped the restaurant version would have protein values, so I got in the queueue for it. I looked at it when I got home and nope, it only has calories, all fat, two sub-fats, and sodium, so it's not any use to me. I'll take it back when I go out next.

The look of my hands has changed enough since late October that I had another batch of x-rays. She has a chip fracture (fell in the big snowstorm in NJ) so I'm not sure when I'll hear the results. I hurt too much for the codeine but not enough for stronger pain meds. It would help if I could take something like Advil or aspirin. I got a referral to podiatry because of how my feet hurt and look; I'll make that appointment next week. Probably more x-rays.

I usually gain weight in the hospital (I've been up 16 pounds from the day before I left the hospital in March until this weighing), but I'm up three points. Maybe it's because I increased the levothroid. My labs from Tuesday also had much higher glucose (104, 106) than I've ever had before and I'm not sure why. I have to be careful about that because renal patients get diabetes very easily.
20111112, Marilee


This was an awful movie. The only reason I selected it from Netflix is because of their blurb (which is exactly the same as the imdb blurb) -- a young girl wants to get pregnant, almost does, goes to a special world, and then comes back to the real world.

It's Wikipedia that has the right plot. There is a young girl (different actors, ages, & genders) who wants to have a child and she manages to get pregnant. Her parents force her to have an abortion and she runs away. She gets a trucker to drive her and they have sex that night but he abandons her in the morning.

Then comes the "special world" -- she is found by a young boy who invites her to his home which is a massively Christian orphanage for disabled and orphaned kids. The kids dance and sing and have CDs out and are completely dominated by Mrs. Sunshine. The girl overhears that the father kills abortion providers and will kill the one who did her abortion. The person who actually does the killing turns out to be the trucker in a different name.

She makes sure she goes with him to the shooting but he is very upset when he kills not only the doctor but one of his kids. When the police show up at the motel, he purposely answers the door with a shotgun and is killed.

She goes back to her family, but has sex with the same person who got her pregnant the first time.

That's not a special world, that's an introduction to a Christianity that wants to keep babies from being aborted and at the same time, kill the abortion providers -- all wrapped in nice smiley kids.

The palindromes come from names -- Aviva, Bob, Otto -- and the story arc -- sex, pregnancy, Christianity, sex.

The Christian part was just so saccharine that even though it's meant to show you the division of their views, I really didn't like it.