December 27th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Good Mailbox!

I went down to get yesterday's mail and it had my check, a DVD, and Dozois' current Year's Best. Considering how much junk mail I've been getting lately, this is good.

Yesterday evening I thought I'd watch Hogfather on the DVD, but about 45 minutes in, I was nodding off. Not because of the movie, just not enough sleep. So Spirit and I slept in the recliner for 2.5 hours. She was very resistant to getting out from under the duvet, and I understand that, but she's welcome to come sleep with the rest of us in the big bed with the big duvet. She eliminated on the towel again last night, so I'll call the vet tomorrow.

After the nap, I finished watching the movie. Today I'm pretty much just doing the sheets because I still didn't get enough sleep.
20111112, Marilee

Hogfather the Movie

Check the basic plot here; I'm just going to talk about how it was modified in the movie.

The movie was live action and not all the actors were very good. Some even very long scenes were done word-for-word with the book, but others were completely left out, cut down, or combined with each other. The big problem there is that some of the items and ideas from the incomplete scenes came up in the word-for-word ones without the appropriate prologue.

The other big problem was that they told you what was going on and why things would cause other things, I guess because they assumed that the watchers aren't as smart as the readers.

It's three hours long and not bad, but not something you need to watch. I only bought it because Amazon had it for $5 and I was already getting something else and could get free shipping with this one, too.