December 11th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Maybe Not

Junie took her pocketed pills last night and today, so maybe I just didn't get yesterday morning's pill into the pocket well enough. I found the pill with a thin glaze of pocket on the floor.

Last night Junie was on the recliner arm, grabbing for the thread I was using, and Spirit came up to my lap from under the end table, pushing her nose closer to say Hi. Junie smacked her and hissed so I smacked Junie and assisted her off the chair. Today, Spirit leaned forward to say Hi to Loki, so maybe the Prozac is working, although it's awfully soon.

I see other people have posted about what happened to Peter Watts when he re-entered Canada from the US, but we all have different flists, so I'll post, too.

The WashPost has set up a "story lab" where readers can help with stories. Yesterday they printed the first story from the lab and it appears that almost all the research was actually anecdotes from readers. I hope they tell us which stories are collected anecdotes.

Also in the WashPost's Local Living tabloid on Thursday is a list of the next week's book clubs. For this coming week, the African American (how come they don't have a hyphen and the Science-Fiction does?) is discussing "Blair Underwood Presents: In the Night of the Heat," by Blair Underwood, Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes. So he gets to present but have SFF authors help him write. I wonder if there's anything stfnal in the book.
20111112, Marilee

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency

This says Season 1 on the Netflix packets, but I can't find any indication that there's been/going to be a second season. It has seven episodes (filled in over year-end last year) but eight hours because the first episode is two hours. This is based on the Alexander McCall Smith books.

In Botswana, Precious is raised by her father to see and hear and feel and smell all the things around her, so when he dies and leaves her a batch of cattle, she sells them and starts The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency in Botswana. Precious is played by Jill Scott who is an American and has had quite a career as a singer. She does a great job in this series, too.

She solves crimes in every episode and she solves them in ways that you might not expect. She has personal problems to solve, too, and sometimes they interact. There was one ongoing set of crimes where I knew the criminals from the beginning and she didn't, but otherwise, I really enjoyed this.

I enjoyed the plots, the acting, the filmography, the music!, and everything else. The season ends nicely so you won't be left hanging. I definitely really recommend this series.