December 7th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Remember Pearl

On this day in 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, killed thousands of Americans, and caused our entry into WWII. It's far enough later that very few soldiers are still alive, but we need to remember even when they're all gone.

I got money from the ATM, mailed a survey of the audiologist to Kaiser (they pick random visits to send surveys out on), and then got groceries. By weight, the cats got more than I did. Come to think of it, by number they got more, too.

The Giant prints out ads with my receipt and generally when I get home and look them over, I just put them in the mixed paper recycling bin. I kept one for pet insurance out to check it, and even with their four plans, the lowest costs more than I have to pay most years, and the highest allows less than I had with Spirit's teeth last year, and I'm not sure they would have covered that. (It said dental work due to illness, and I don't think just bad teeth is counted as illness.) So it went into the mixed paper recycling bin.

While Junie has stopped bothering Spirit at all (she loves the pill pockets and Loki is very jealous), Spirit has become more afraid and now will not leave the two end tables (or under them) unless I'm sitting in the recliner and then she'll sit on me. She won't come across to the computer anymore. This is causing a problem since there's no litterbox under the end tables and I don't think I can fit one there. I'll have to put her in the guest bathroom tonight and let her yell at me. I've got a call into the vet and I hope she has a better long-term idea.