November 29th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Less Pain

I don't know why, but I hurt a lot less today. I hope that keeps up.

I was sleepy again yesterday evening, even though I just had tylenol instead of the big deal med, so after I read the paper, I set up in the recliner with the duvet and pillow, plus Spirit underneath again. I went to sleep almost immediately and Junie wasn't there when I woke up two hours later, she was on the castle crenelations, so probably never slept with us.

I wanted to watch a DVD so I could do some handwork, but I got sleepy again and ended up making it go faster, since I was reading subtitles anyway, and then in bed, I was only able to read 20 pages before I went to sleep.

Washing and putting on sheets today, and doing a lot of little things around the house while I don't hurt much.
20111112, Marilee

Apres Vous

This is a French movie with subtitles that aren't an exact translation, but aren't bad, either.

Antoine, head waiter at a restaurant, goes into a park and sees a man trying to hang himself. He rescues Louis and tries to get him back to his grandparents who raised him. Louis now hangs on to Antoine which makes Antoine's girlfriend mad. Antoine thinks maybe Louis will be able to let him go if he gets back with his girlfriend, Blanche, but Blanche is not that interested. In the end, the relationships are not what they started with.

I thought it was cute, but not as funny as it was apparently supposed to be. That's probably because I'm not French.