November 19th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Not Enough Sleep, Too Many Times

I came home from dinner last night and was completely wiped. I went to bed right then for about an hour, and after finishing online and watching a little TV, I went to bed to read. But Junie attacked Spirit again and she has what looks like a gash just above her anus and it bleeds when she poops. I stayed out here with her for a while and then talked Junie and Loki into coming back to bed with me. As far as I know, they were there all night. I left a message for the vet and they're coming later tonight to check Spirit. She says it could just be an anal sack, but I've never seen it before. In either case, she'll need antibiotics. I got more sleep in bits through the night, to keep Junie with me all night. I got her pill in this morning, but she was very upset.

I had Peapod coming, and the day they come, you can get a two-hour range of when the driver will be here. My guy was set for 4:52-6:52 and I realized it was almost 3pm and that was almost two hours, so I set up in the recliner (Spirit came under the covers) with my phone alarm set for 4:45. The driver came at 5:15pm and I put the perishable stuff away and sat down at the computer. I think I can stay awake the rest of the night. I'm going to put Spirit in the carrier about 7pm, though, so I don't have to try to catch her later.