November 18th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Another Reason to Insure

A study shows that uninsured people who come into an ER after a trauma are almost twice as likely to die as insured patients. They don't know why, but I wonder if it has to do with prejudice.

I gave Junie her first pill this morning -- I figured this would work best in bed -- by rolling over and holding her with part of me while opening her mouth with one hand and putting the pill in with the other. Let's see if that works tonight. I sure hope it makes her less antagonistic.

My Explanation of Benefits (EoB) for October came today and I'm now halfway through the Plan D donut hole. I don't expect to get to catastrophic coverage for meds during the next two months, even with the $200 for the Restasis. And then January starts again and I might stay out of the donut hole next year.

The MRI results came back and the open part of my brain is healed. The B12 test was fine, too. The neurologist says the problem with words and such is partly because I'm still settling from the March stroke and partly because I'm getting old. Hmph.
20111112, Marilee

Revelation Space by Alastair Reynolds

I kept wanting to call this Revolution Space, but there really is a Revelation Space in it. The bookgroup is reading one of Al's books in January and I thought I'd read the others first. This is one of his three that he recommends reading in order (next, Redemption Ark and Absolute Gap, plus two more in the universe: Chasm City and The Prefect).

We start out in a far future where not only are there aliens, there's several varieties of humans. We have versions of FTL and coldsleep, plus some interesting physics. The three protagonists are Dan Sylveste -- the son of a well-known family who has spent a lot of his life exploring other cultures, Volyova -- one of the leaders of an FTL ship, and Khouri -- an assassin who is hired by a mysterious person to travel on Volyova's ship to kill Sylveste. Things never turn out that easy, of course, and Al gives us ongoing clues to what's happening.

This is a real space opera thriller and I highly recommend it.