November 16th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Happy Cats?

Yesterday Spirit went into the kitchen by herself for both wet and dry food. This morning she went for wet food, and she almost followed Loki to the sliding glass doors to look out. I hope this keeps up. The vet called me back this morning and she thinks we should try Junie on buspar, too, so I'll go get it tomorrow. It's a behavior-changing med and I should be able to get her to be less aggressive.

I'm almost done with dematting Loki. About 2/3 of the giant mat is still there, plus another that is about half that size. All the others are gone. These are so big that it will take me at least another week to get them off.

DC's Shakespeare Theatre is doing "As You Like It," but Rosalind will be hiding in time travel, visiting American history. Didn't I read something like this recently?