November 7th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

On The Left

I woke up partway through the night with pain from my left thumb to my left shoulder so I got up and took pain meds. It still hurt when the alarm went off, so I had more meds, reset the alarm for another hour, and things were better when it went off again. I don't know if I slept strangely or what.

To strengthen safety and keep from giving terrorists (and anybody who looks Hispanic) from getting driver's licenses, the Virginia DMV has made a lot of changes in what they require to process licenses. One of the really amazing and stupid requirements is that a woman's married name be on their birth certificate, if they're using the birth certificate as proof of being a citizen. I have to go in person to renew my license (and handicapped tag) in March, so it's a good thing I never married!