November 5th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Evening Sleep

I picked up a library book today -- not SF but fiction -- where I actually read the entire review in the WashPost and decided to try it. Then I dropped a DVD off at the post office and came home. I hadn't heard Luke upstairs yesterday and was going to knock, and if he didn't answer, call his daughter, but his hanging tomato plant had been watered and I figured I just hadn't heard him.

I finished reading blogs and comics up to this point and really needed a nap -- at some point Spirit pulled herself out from under the duvet by putting her claws into my chest -- and when I got up, the phone rang. It was Luke's daughter and she told me he's having his gallbladder out tomorrow. He'll stay with them for a bit after and then he insists on coming home, which is not a surprise.

Last night and again tonight, Spirit has gone into the kitchen to eat dry kitty food. So if this is all the better it gets, it will be okay. I hope the buspar makes her get a lot better, though, closer to how she was before.
20111112, Marilee

Asimov's January 2010

This is the best Asimov's I've ever read. All of the stories were at least decent, and I read Silverberg's article on the Antikythera computer even though I already knew the info. Sheila defined a magazine for us, and James Patrick Kelly wanted to know where his hovercar is (I think that's getting a little old).

The very best stories:

"Marya and the Pirate" by Geoff Landis -- real space opera and thrilling

"The Jekyll Island Horror" by Allen M. Steele -- a "found" manuscript proving there's UFOs.

"Conditional Love" by Felicity Shoulders -- what happens when gene-mods go wrong (near the end I knew what was coming and I was still squeezing my shoulders together)

"Wilds" by Carol Emshwiller -- can a wild man be tamed?