October 27th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Teleporting Post Office Trucks

When I'm on the computer in the afternoon, I watch out the sliding glass doors for when our mail carrier heads toward our clusterbox and then get my upstairs neighbor's key and go get our mail. Today, I saw the truck head the same direction twice without coming back the other direction in between. Either there were two trucks or the post office has figured out teleportation and isn't sharing. Our mail carrier was still there when I went down and he said the office gave him a tray of the other guy's mail and the second truck was the other guy. Teleportation would have been much more interesting.

I got groceries today plus the buspar for Spirit. It was early enough when I got home that I gave her the first dose. This is the first time her lack of teeth has been helpful for me -- no trying to bite. It'll probably take a few days for it to work, if it does, and even though she's had it before, I have to watch for reactions. It's been quite a while since she had it before and her body has probably changed.

I got an email reply from my doctor's nurse telling me I can call the pharmacy and tell them I'm coming and they'll fill the meds, and I'll try that tomorrow, but I'm not sure it will work.