October 22nd, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Slipping Discs

I walked and sat up straight and moved the way the doctor wanted so much yesterday that I woke up about 6:30am with my discs slipping and a lot of pain. I took more pain meds, read for about an hour, and went to oblivious sleep. The alarm went off at noon, but I turned it off and got up when Junie sat on my bladder at 2:30pm.

Spirit didn't get breakfast again because she was hissing at Junie and wouldn't go into the kitchen, so I put a third of a can on a plate and gave it to her in the living room. Turns out she will only eat if the plate is on the floor. The other 2/3 has a lid on it and is in the fridge.

I'm waiting for Peapod to deliver -- this is the free delivery and I'm getting mostly stuff to stock up on like TP and dishwasher liquid and such -- which is okay because the van won't be ready until tomorrow. It took them a while to get the hinge pin; I was kind of worried nobody would have it anymore.

In his column on Monday, Dana Milbank talks about a lot of recent fake news (including the balloon boy and the Chamber of Conference one) and says In the current media environment, where it's more important to have it first than to get it right, it won't be long until the next mix-up. So we'll have to learn to identify fraud ourselves.

This is Volunteer Week in the US, and the Mutts comic is running a really cute series for the week.