October 14th, 2009

20111112, Marilee


After I shut the computer down, I watched TV with Spirit in my lap while I did laundry. After a machine beeped at me, I'd wait until the next commercial and pick Spirit up and kiss her and put her on the floor. At one point, she went over to sniff the litterbox and when I came back, she was peeing. By this morning, she'd used it for both, and there hasn't been anything on the couch for two nights. Also last night, she became more confident about going into the kitchen by herself and standing up instead of slinking. I'll still try the Rescue Remedy when it gets here because I want her to use the regular litterbox, but this is a good compromise.

I took trash and recycling out today and mailed a DVD. I got the copy of the payment for the dragon necklace, so I'll mail that tomorrow (and I need to go inside) on my way to get the first day of Visual Fields.
20111112, Marilee

Don't Look Back

This is a black and white documentary of Bob Dylan with a handheld camera. It was taken during the London concert tour that happened right before he moved from folk to electric, and there is a scene where he looks at electric guitars in the store window.

It shows how he treats people -- not very well -- but then again he gets more and more hangers-on who are not very nice. The media treat him like a fool, and he treats them that way back. Joan Baez, Donovan, and Allen Price sing and they're much better than he is, but they don't put out "message" songs. I liked it, although it was surprising to see all the cigarettes.