October 7th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Dropping Groceries

I didn't get groceries Monday because my left arm hurt too much and today was probably too soon because I kept forgetting, picking things up with my left hand, and dropping them. One of my more painful grocery trips, but I was able to get everything on my list. I also dropped a DVD at the post office.

Last night Loki sat between my knees in the recliner and Spirit sat on a thigh. She tried sitting on him briefly, but she kept sniffing the mats and didn't like them. I got some of the mats somewhat deconstructed by very carefully using hardened steel dental picks. Loki worked more on some overnight.

Early this morning, Spirit must have headed down the hall toward the bedroom because she and Junie had a little tussle at the bedroom end of the hallway. It was 12:45pm, fifteen minutes before the alarm was supposed to go off, but when Spirit came to the bed and was so unhappy and sad, I just turned the alarm off and cuddled her. I went back to sleep and got up at 2:30pm.

When I got hom from the Giant and put the fridge & freezer stuff away, I sat in the recliner for a while. My paper didn't come today so I bought one at the Giant and scanned the front pages. Loki came to sit with me again, as did Spirit and that time they touched noses several times. I hope that works out. I worked on some more mats and realized Loki had worked on some, too.

About 30 minutes ago, Spirit was already on the computer table and Junie jumped up. I tried to keep them apart and non-hissing, but Junie advanced and Spirit jumped down and ran under an end table.