October 5th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

And Then...

... after all that yesterday, I spilled my iced tea on the desk, floor, papers, keyboard, and trackball. I went down to the bedroom closet to get a batch of extra towels and pulled them out with my right hand on top and left hand on the bottom. Something happened and they got away from my right hand and bent my left hand back as far as it could go. Yes, I've pulled a muscle down the middle of my left inner forearm. I have an Ace bandage on it for the Compression part of RICE and will do the rest when I get offline.

At least last night was fine with the cats -- Spirit stayed out here and the other two slept with me -- and Spirit got enough wet food this morning because I fiddled around in the kitchen until she did. She usually goes to the living room for snackies when I leave the kitchen (I get the paper on the way) and I decided to see if she'd eat as long as I was in the kitchen and she did.

Both the keyboard and trackball seemed dry this morning and the keyboard was, but the inside of the trackball wasn't, so I plugged in the backup and will open and dry the regular one tonight (I have a backup keyboard, too).

I decided to see about getting into the van because I use my left hand to support myself, and it hurts a bit, but I was able to get in and drive okay. The only thing I can't do with my left hand is push the window buttons. I got money from the ATM and mailed a DVD. I have to get labs tomorrow, the nephrologist said specifically four weeks, so I'll be able to do that. Maybe I can get groceries on Wednesday.
20111112, Marilee

The Dark Knight

I actually watched this Saturday night and forgot to post about it yesterday, which probably shows what I think of it. As a sequel to Batman Begins, it is very similar -- very dark, lots of violence and noise, and a minimal plot. Batman is trying to stop corruption in Gotham and finds it deep down.
20111112, Marilee

The Machine's Child by Kage Baker

This book is the seventh in a series. Reviews of The Garden of Iden, Sky Coyote, Mendoza in Hollywood, The Graveyard Game, The Life of the World to Come, The Children of the Company.

If it could be any more obvious that the previous book was a fixup, this book starts right up where The Life of the World to Come ended. There's also a larger thread drawn from The Graveyard Game. Alec has somehow gotten his clones as a multiple personality, so Edward and Nicholas both run around in his brain like the Captain does. They find the place where someone is trying to find a way to actually kill Company operators and they rescue parts of Mendoza. The Captain remakes her, keeping some of her memories out. They decide to kill the Company and go all over the world placing tiny bombs that will go off on 2355, the day beyond which the Company has no information, so maybe they do kill them off. Joseph is sure they're doing bad things to Mendoza but when he finds them, finds out they love her, and goes back to plotting with one of the old Enforcers. Even if I didn't know it, this is clearly drawing plot threads together for a final book next.