October 1st, 2009

20111112, Marilee

I Hurt

I hurt so much I went back to bed and didn't get up until 4:30pm. The neurologist called this "false rheumatism," and I already have a lot of real rheumatological diseases.

Last night when I went down to bed, Junie was already curled up on the bed. Loki came, too, and as I was putting things away after reading and turning the light out, I heard a querulous meow from Spirit, as if she wanted to be down there. I came out and got her and she made it obvious she didn't want to be there. I turned the light back on, assisted her to the floor, and then pointed her in the right direction (she was "ranging" the room). She ran off and thump! Junie was after her. Loki and I looked at each other and followed them down (he got there first) and they were both hiding. After we went back to bed, I heard some hissing and growling and I woke up just with Loki. I think tonight I'll go back to letting Spirit do what she wants.

I watched NCIS: Los Angeles on Tuesday and I think that's it. I've been trying to figure out why I don't like it, and I think there's two parts -- the only person near my age is Linda Hunt who's playing a mean boss, and there's a big CSI: Miami feel, which I don't like, either.

I watched Mercy again last night and that's gone, too. Not coherent enough. I don't know if Glee will last, but I enjoyed it again. The WashPost TV columnist says Criminal Minds is getting a spinoff that will come like the NCIS one -- an episode in the original and then its own show -- and this will happen next year. I don't know how I'd like that, either. So far, the only spinoffs I like are L&O and CSI and I only really like one spinoff of each.

In the TV news, a dog was found in poor shape on the side of the road in Oklahoma and when it was taken to the vet, he found a microchip and the dog was from Virginia. He had run off about 10 years ago and next week he comes home.