September 27th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

No Catfights

When I finished my pre-sleep reading last night, there was just Loki down at the bottom of the bed, so I headed out to get Spirit out of the recliner. She was all curled up and let me pick her up instead of running. I think she was worried about Junie showing up -- not only was it dark, but Spirit is going blind. So I went back to the bed and tucked her in beside me and talked to her and she relaxed just as Junie showed up between her and Loki. Junie put her paw out, but Spirit didn't touch it, and after a while Junie turned and started washing Loki who started washing himself. I turned the light off and the next time I woke up, Junie was behind my knees and the other two much more relaxed. When I woke up, Junie was gone, but the other two still like that. I'll try it again tonight.

After I was up a couple of hours, I was very sleepy and napped in the recliner for 2.5 hours. I hope I get more sleep tonight, but I think trying to make the bed a neutral place is worth losing some sleep. Nothing more today but changing/washing sheets.
20111112, Marilee

Travellers and Magicians

This is a quiet thoughtful multi-layered movie set in Bhutan (with English subtitles). A government official has been assigned to a remote village, but he knows someone who can put him up for a job in America, where he can make a lot more money picking apples (I don't think anybody told him it would take even more to support himself here). We see his journey heading to the town where he can meet that friend, and the locations are lovely. He misses the bus and meets up with a total of four other people. One is already an apple picker, one is a monk, and two are a father and adult daughter -- from that village -- who sell rice paper. The monk tries to dissuade him from leaving and over a few days, tells them a story.

The story has an older son, the father's favorite, going to magic school where he doesn't want to be. The younger son does all the work and eavesdrops to get as much magic schooling as possible. The younger son adulterates the drink of the older son and the older son heads out on his own adventure after their donkey turns into a horse. The horse dumps him in a forest, giving him a wound, and he gets lost trying to find a place he knows. Eventually he finds an old man and his younger wife. The man wants him to go away, but he stays long enough to make the wife pregnant and then to have to kill the man. As he sees the wife in water, the older son comes out of his vision and lo! the donkey is back.

The government official considers the story -- and the lovely adult daughter -- but he's still going to America to pick apples.