September 25th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Now Back Pain

I managed to pull a muscle in my right upper back last night -- probably in trying to do something without making my hands hurt.

I thought FlashForward was too clean, too organized, but I'll watch it again. CSI had an excellent starting ep, and The Mentalist was like it usually is -- I can take it or leave it.

The dematter came and it requires you to be able to push it about 5mm into the mat and I can't push it at all into the big mats that I wanted it for. It'll be okay for some of the smaller ones. I've had some success with holding the joined part of the big mats and using a size 10 steel crochet hook to loosen the tops.

We're having the annual discussion about the football team's name and yesterday's WashPost had letters to the editor that were pros and cons for Redskins. There was also a letter that suggested they keep the name, but change the logo.

Michael Dirda reviewed Atwood's The Year of the Flood.

And in rural Virginia, a 20-year-old Horrorcore rapper killed his girlfriend, her parents, and her friend. Everybody in the town says it happened because of the Internet. That would be a way to reduce the population.

I took a DVD to the post office and noticed the mailbox flags were down on the way in and got my mail, finding my check, and went back out to deposit it. I think things will be quieter around here until I stop hurting so much or can stop taking so many meds.
20111112, Marilee


About a third of the way in, I was prepared to pop this out and say it was stupid. I still think it was stupid, but in a different way.

This movie was about krump -- a subtype of hiphop dancing -- that originated in South Central, Los Angeles. The first part tells us about Tommy the Clown, who does birthday parties and has inspired lots of followers. Some of the followers broke off and now not only consider themselves the starters of krump, but that it's in them from birth. This is where there's a long segment alternating krump dancing with archival African films. This is stupid -- there's also a short bit where the guys are krumping and a toddler is waving his arms like the big boys -- that's where it comes from.

Some things about krump: it's faster than hiphop (but the people who were really fast were never in rhythm), it's used to get your anger out (it would be better if they didn't have all-day anger), the girls/women only get to krump for a few minutes during an all-day krumping (women are second-class), and a lot of krumpers clearly lie (film evidence).

It's hard to think of any good things about krump -- I'd much rather the guys look for jobs that provide them with income so they're much less angry and teach their children to be less angry.