September 24th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Pain and Humidity

According to the rheumatologist, I hurt so much because the prednisone is decreasing. Nothing to do about it but to take more pain meds when I'm not driving. The humidity is crazy today, but it's supposed to be cooler and dryer tomorrow.

Mercy gets only one more try because the nurse protagonist is really a mess. L&O: SVU is still the one I like the least of that franchise, but I watch it. Glee was better last night than it's been -- some of the minor characters were at the top. Both Criminal Minds and CSI: NY, which ended in the middle of disasters, were very very good.

About halfway through the night I had Loki and Junie sleeping with me and I came and got Spirit and she sat by me for a while, worried, but when I woke up a couple hours later, she was curled up with them. I woke up because I had a couple hours of diarrhea, clearly because of the salad at Uno's, so when I got up, I threw out the chicken I'd brought home. I slept later to make up for lack of sleep.

I took a bit of trash out plus the recycling, and then picked up the smaller dosage of cytoxan, and when I got home, I redid the October calendar I printed to keep with my meds. I'm changing two meds every day, plus have the fosamax every two weeks and the Vitaman D every four weeks. Everything else is more stable.