September 19th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Arrr, Me Hearties!

I considered wearing pirate garb to bookgroup since it's Talk Like a Pirate Day (or make cakes with pirates), but it's 77F which is way too hot for a leather vest. I took the Corn Flakes and had two people interested, one took it home. She also took the Sandra McDonald Outback Stars series, and someone else, who was partway through the Ash series, liked it and I gave her the ARCs of the second set, Ilario.

We're not all reading the same book for December -- we're to read a Hugo winner and report back. I just looked at Award Web and it turns out I've read all the novel Hugos except HP & the Goblet, Jonathan Strange, and Yiddish Policeman, which I'd rather not read; American Gods, which we read for next month; and Rainbow's End, which someone else has already picked. So I wrote the librarian and asked if I can read a novella.

We went to Olive Garden afterwards where we had a very competent waiter.

Junie's last eyedrops were this morning and I put out the dry food when I got home and she carefully came out and ate, then went back to hide in the closet. It'll probably take a couple of days for her to figure out we're done.
20111112, Marilee

Powersat by Ben Bova

This was our book for the month and it was really poorly written. The science was bad, odd phrases were used repeatedly, unlikely things happen.

The Astro Corporation is building a power satellite in space, but they have people who are against them -- some actually with principles, but most because they want to make the money. There's a lot of intrigue, a Texas governor clearly based on Bush Jr., a fair amount of sex, and, in the library, a lot of ridicule.