September 18th, 2009

20111112, Marilee


The VCR/DVD that has a non-functional remote doesn't have a rewind button on the front, so I popped the tape from the other machine, rewound it, and realized I could just watch it from that one with the fast-forwarding. I can't use the remote for that one from the computer -- too many things in the way -- but that's not a big problem.

Today Junie slunk out of the bedroom as I was getting dressed and I watched to make sure she didn't come back in while I was taking meds. On my way out, I closed the door as well as the guest bathroom door so it would be easy to catch her. I put the wet food down and heard her calling from the guest bath and I went and got her and gave her the eyedrops. She went right to eat. Only two more applications and we're done!

When I put the Peapod stuff away, I found stinky things in the drawers of the fridge, so I took those to the dumpster today and dropped a DVD off at the post office.

I got the rearrangement between the hall closet and the utility room done with only three rests -- now there's more room in both and the things I use more often are more accessible -- and still need to arrange what I'm taking to bookgroup tomorrow. I have a lot of books to go so am using the collapsible crate.

Junie would like dry food now, but I'm going to wait until after I give her tonight's drops before I put that out.
20111112, Marilee

Saving Face

This is half in English and half in Chinese subtitles. Our protagonist is a lesbian Chinese doctor whose mother has become pregnant without being married. The grandfather kicks the mother out who moves in with her daughter and cramps her life. The granddaughter's girlfriend is a dancer who eventually decides she should dance in Paris. Will they get together? Will the mother marry a "nice man" or the man she loves who is the father of her baby? Watch and see.