September 15th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Divided Writing

I was so exhausted last night that after I finished online, I read the paper and only got 30 minutes into bedtime reading before I went to sleep. But I didn't stay asleep very long. Loki likes to ask if he can come to bed -- Mew? -- and I have to tell him he can. We very briefly were all on the bed, but Junie wasn't there very long. Loki kept waking me up and then, during one of the awake parts, I thought of a better way of arranging the utility room and the hall closet. They're across from each other and I can move some things between them and make more room in both places (I measured this morning). The bad part is that I want to do it tonight and I should *really* wait unti Thursday or so when I'm not going out. I was still awake two hours before the alarm would have gone off, so I got up. Loki willingly came out and ate Spirit's snackies (I hope Junie tries them and likes them) and wet food, and I caught Junie and put her eyedrops in. It looks like she's been in the Safe Cage all day.

I was online for a bit and then two hours before I needed to leave for PT, I got really sleepy and went back and undressed and reset the alarm. I woke up about 10 minutes early and got dressed again and off to PT. I missed my last PT appointment because I was unconscious in the hospital, and I was coming in for something different this time. I took a bag with me with a towel because I'm sweating so much doing nothing these days and I even had to take my glasses off because they got so foggy it was easier to see her without. She said the L4 & 5 are slipping on each other at unpredictable times so I have to get stronger core muscles. I already have two of the exercise direction pages and she gave me two more.

I've got laundry going and it looks like it's going to rain soon.