September 12th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Mormons and Miller

After I got offline last night, I moved things around in the utility room so I could see Loki behind the washer and dryer. I talked him partway out, then he backed back in and I nudged his butt with the mop end of a dry dustmop. He came dashing out then. I shut the utility room door and, after putting things back in place, poured a lot of water down the drain in there and killed the damn cricket. I don't know if they come up the drain or just find it a good place to live, but they drive me nuts.

Loki headed for the tub in the guest bathroom and stayed there until I settled in with beading in the recliner. Then both he and Junie came out and disembowelled Mr. Gator and looked around. Spirit watched carefully. When I went to bed, Junie came to be petted while I was reading, and also wanted to jump to the top of the bookcases. I'll have to fill the squirt gun before bedtime. But once she went to bed, it was Spirit waking me up constantly. I think I got about five hours of sleep last night.

Today, in the middle of that five hours, there was a knock on my door and it sounded like a neighbor, so I put glasses and a robe on and it turned out to be promotions for our bigot of a state representative, Jackson Miller. I put the magnet in the trash and the flyer in the mixed-paper recycling and went back to bed.

After I finally got up and headed out to the kitchen, I saw Loki in the tub, and then a lump on the couch under the sheet. The sheet is there so I have a non-furred place for people to sit, and Junie had decided to sit (hide?) underneath. As long as I was taking her out from under, I gave her the eyedrops, which she still doesn't want. I put the wet food on a dish on the floor and retired to the recliner with my required light cranberry juice. Spirit started on the food, but Junie came and ate and then Loki. This was the first time Loki had seen the outside and he lay down in front of the sliding glass windows and watched the outdoors.

I came and booted up the computer and started doing my regular schedule of things when I saw two Mormon boys walk by. They knocked on Luke's door (probably thought it was mine, since they'd clearly seen me inside) and then knocked on my door. I told Spirit not to worry because I wasn't opening it. They knocked again louder. I don't know why they think I have to answer my door, much less when I know it's them.