September 11th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Inadvertant Nap

I just went to the recliner about an hour ago to put my feet up, but I went right to sleep. Today I had a lot of mailings to do, enough to take the collapsible crate, and then got the last pieces of fabric for the winter pants, and used a coupon to eat at Captain D's.

I couldn't get Loki out from behind the washer & dryer (I'm pretty sure that's where he was) so far today, although when there was a racket in the kitchen at 6am, he was behind the recliner by the time I got out here. I don't think either of them ate any of the wet food or snackies, so I'll have to try harder to get them out tomorrow. The dry food disappeared overnight and that probably wasn't Spirit.

I gave Junie her eyedrops today and she probably hates me for that.

My first mortgage coupon came and I set it up to pay from my credit union online banking and wasn't surprised they already had the info for Bank of America Mortgage Servicing. My closing papers said they only keep about 30% of the loans they originate, though, so maybe I'll get someone else. Also in the mail, a form to fill out about being on a jury. I explained that I can't do steps or sit up a long time or walk very far, so I probably can't be on a jury.
20111112, Marilee

Me and You and Everyone We Know

This was a rather layered movie with odd bits of soft porn including a first-grader (or so). The writer/director was also the female protagonist who was trying to get a piece of modern art into a show. There were characters in the movie whose only actions were sex or sexual talk. There wasn't much of a plot or reason. I see that people who've voted on IMDB like it a lot better than I did.