September 5th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

On the Streets

I was skimming the front pages of the WashPost sections when I realized that Monday was Labor Day and the post office doesn't work then. Netflix probably doesn't, either, but I could at least get two movies into the process if I took them out to the post office in the next hour.

As I came under a tunnel up to a stoplight, there was a firefighter in the middle of the street with a boot, and a sign asking for money -- Fill the Boot -- and I knew I couldn't get my wallet out fast enough so I planned to come home that way.

On the way to the post office, there were two of the anti-abortion protesters on the sidewalk, walking back and forth, like they should. I decided I wanted some ice cream and after dropping the DVDs off, I headed up Liberia and passed by six yard sales and three signs to others. I went ahead and got next week's money from the ATM so I won't have to go that way, but when I came home with a couple dollars in the ashtray, the firefighters were gone.

The lady who is bringing two cats for me to see (see previous post) has their vet record, but it turns out they haven't had their rabies shots and she's in line for a shot clinic before she comes here. She called and asked, in a kind of hopeful way, if I wanted to see them without their vaccinations and I told her I'd rather she waited the 25 minutes or so and then come. So maybe she'll change her mind.