September 2nd, 2009

20111112, Marilee

"Oh no she wouldn't"

Oh yes, she would. I took trash and recycling to the dumpster/bins today and one of the tween girls in the next development had left her bike right where I needed to back in. I leaned out the window and told her (she was up a tree on their land) she'd need to move her bike so I could back in, which is when she said "Oh no she wouldn't." And then as I started angling, another of the tween girls said "Oh yes she would." Yep, I would.

I took the bookgroup book back because we don't have enough for everybody (I need to type up my scrawled notes today so I can read them on the 19th) and picked up T.R. Reid's The Healing of America, A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care to read next.

Then I dropped off a DVD at the post office and went on to eat at Ruby Tuesday's. The last time I was there the receipt had me do an online survey and get $4 off the next time I was there. I noticed yesterday that the expiration date was today, so I took advantage of it.

Spirit sat with me last night while I beaded, but she's moving between the top of the recliner and the heating pad otherwise. I've found that it was Shiva who kicked out an amazing amount of litter -- I haven't had to sweep at all with Spirit.
20111112, Marilee

House of D

This is a really great movie. Wonderful actors, good plot, and it all hangs together.

The main part of the movie is framed by Tommy (David Duchovny) as an adult. He's supposed to take his son for a bike ride but is too late. It's clear he hasn't has much to do with his son over the years and his wife is not happy.

Then we move to when Tommy was twelve and his best friend is the retarded Pappass (Robin Williams, in a marvelous role) who is the janitor at the Catholic school. Tommy's dad is dead and his mom is depressed, but she managed to get him a scholarship at the school. When Tommy starts liking girls (Zelda Williams, daughter of Robin) and spending less time with him, Pappass steals the bike they've been saving for, and Tommy lies and says he stole it so Pappass doesn't go to jail. He's kicked out of the Catholic school and his mother puts herself into a coma in response. When his second-cousin shows up to send him off to military school, he consults "Lady" (Erykah Badu) who is in the House of D(etention) and she tells him to run. (Her pimp, Superfly, is played by Orlando Jones in an excellent cameo.)

He takes a plane to France and now, all these years later as an adult, decides to go back to NYC and tell the folks who helped him back then how it all worked out. He meets "Lady" out of jail and finds Pappass. His family comes along and they have their bike ride.