August 26th, 2009

20111112, Marilee


Yesterday I described a traditional style of Italian pizza and the results of my effort to make something that tasted very similar at home.

Most of the folks who commented talked about open-faced sandwiches. I spent a fair amount of time last night trying to figure out why, since I'd been pretty clear about it being akin to pizza.

So let me ask everybody: Is a Bagel Bite more like pizza or a sandwich?
20111112, Marilee

Falling Apart

I took the recycling out and dropped a DVD by the post office, where I noticed the flag was at half-staff. When I got to the rheumatologist's office, the TV was talking about Ted Kennedy's death and I knew about the flag.

She says I may not have needed the endometrial biopsy because the chemotherapy med that I'm actually using to try to taper the prednisone sometimes causes spotting. When I stop spotting, I have some more tests to see if there's still blood in the urine. I also get to have another head CT with dye, continue tapering the prednisone, and try PT for my "very arthritic" back which keeps me in a lot of pain. She didn't sound very enthusiastic about it working, but the next option is probably pain meds and I'd rather not have those all the time. I see her again in two months.

On the way home, I stopped at the Joann's in Centreville and I plan to never go anywhere in that shopping center again. I don't know if it's old enugh to not have to update or what, but the handicapped spots are no different from any other except for wheelchairs painted on them, there's a very steep slant to the stores, plus drains with steep edges, and no curbcuts. After I found the fabric, I had to wait at the measuring table and checking out, and I decided I wasn't moving the van to another part of the shopping center to deal with eating at the Korean restaurant. I went on to Bonefish and had sashimi, even though I know I shouldn't. They have an excellent reputation and indeed, the food was great. I realized partway through that I'm wearing a rayon top batiked with the outlines of fish and their bones.

I then came home and got the mail and will go take my shoes off soon.
20111112, Marilee


This one was meant to be silly, and it did a good job of it. Particularly because the first thing the scientists do is use the wrong word for the rock that fell from the sky. Meteors burn up on the way in; if the rock reaches the ground, it's a meteorite. It turns out that the rock has fast-evolving microbes that within a few days grow to giant building size. In the meantime, the military and CDC fight with the scientists to stop the growth. Can you guess who wins?
20111112, Marilee

Things I Forgot to Mention Recently

1. Some of my arm skin was raw when I got up this morning and the rheumatologist says I have to count just standing under the shower as washing with the non-soap and only do any of it every other day. Won't help with all the extra sweating (which she didn't know what to do about, either).

2. My friend Doris, who comments here, has opened an Etsy shop for her fabulous bags.

3. A local artist's newest piece is a particle accelerator. I wonder if he gives tours.

4. I can't believe that anybody would consider "walling" to be an acceptable way to get information from detainees.