August 18th, 2009

20111112, Marilee


I managed to read the paper and stay awake until the end of my reading time, but I was nodding off during the end of the reading and will have to skim that again tonight before reading more. I turned the light off at 2am and went right to sleep. I woke up about an hour later and had to grab a batch of hankies to hold the blood from my nose, but it hasn't had more since. Same with the other end. My throat hurts, though, and I sound like I have a cold. There's a picture of the LMA here, and I'm not sure I wanted to know that was in my throat. It does explain why my throat hurts, though.

I got a call about 9:20am from the Bank of America person who is processing my refinancing and she needs another piece of paper to get it finished by the end of the month (Yaaaaay). When I asked for her address, she said she'd send a pre-addressed Fedex envelope and I could send it back in that.

Then a nurse from the hospital called right before 10am to see how things are going and she said if I had any more big bouts of bleeding, I should call the gyn's office. I just went ahead and got up, even though I had the alarm set for 11am.

I moved partway through the comics and blogs I read first, and then had to sleep again, so I napped in the recliner for 2.5 hours, the first part with Shiva. When I put the recliner duvet & pillow away, I got Spirit the dry food so she would be happy, and she is.

I just got back from the storeroom where I pulled the original Social Security Award. I'm going to send her a copy of this year's notice, too. She said that she couldn't find our management company online (and they had had a website) and I told her we'd changed, so I'll send her a copy of the info sheet on the new one, too.

I expect I'll have to sleep again this afternoon or evening -- I'm not sleepy yet, but I can see I will be.