August 17th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

The Surgery

I only got 5.5 hours of sleep, which I expected, since I normally go to sleep about 4am. But Janet was driving, so no problem. We left at 11am and used the free valet parking. I got checked in and they called me back about 30 minutes later. I think I gave the same very long history to seven or eight people and got the gown on and IV in before the anesthesiologists and the gyn agreed on what kind of anesthesia -- general, but no intubation. The surgery before mine ran long and where mine was supposed to start at 1:30pm, it didn't start until about 3pm. I don't remember anything between being told to take deep breathes in the mask and them taking a small tube out of my nose.

That was Recovery and they checked and detached a fair amount of things. I got some pain meds in the IV and coughed up a gobbet of blood. As I woke up more, they told me that things went well and gave me crackers and juice. I got moved to a rolling recliner and pushed to Post-op where Janet brought me my glasses. I had to pee before I could come home and I was ready for that, but the packing came out at the same time and I pulled the emergency light since I wasn't going to bleed across the Post-op floor. The nurse came in and added some gauze. I was supposed to pull the packing about now, anyway, and there's a lot less bleeding. The weird thing is that every time I changed it, my left nostril bled.

We came home and among the documents I had, one said clear soup, tea, etc., and I had planned to send out for food. I sent out anyway and we had Chinese because the won ton soup is clear. Really.

So I'll have a phone consult with the gyn on Monday in two weeks when the endometrial biopsy results come back, but she hadn't expected anything to be a problem.

I'm glad I got the groceries bought yesterday and the cat blankies washed, because I don't have to do anything else this week. I'm not going to do anything today other than this post and email. I expect to do more tomorrow.

I'm really glad and thankful that Janet spent the day driving me and hanging out in waiting rooms and so forth. I enjoy her company and appreciate her efforts.