August 14th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Paying Ahead of Time

I got a call today from the hospital where the surgery will be on Monday, wanting my copay from a credit or debit card today. Interesting way to do it, but they did say I get it back if the surgery is cancelled.

The guy who did the drywalling is here today painting, doing a very good job. I got his information from Service Magic, a company that checks licenses and backgrounds and then people report how the work went, but it's free to the users. I'm likely to just call him the next time I need something like this, rather than go through the service, though.

OPM has set up a program to give military spouses preference in federal jobs. I think this is a good deal, because there's so much moving around. It wouldn't have mattered for us, because I don't think Mother would have done anything other than teach, and that's local, but it will make a big difference for a lot of families.