August 12th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Last Minute Discussion

Not quite last minute, but the gyn wanted to talk over the procedure again. She said she wanted to meet Janet -- I guess so she thinks she's responsible, but of course Janet is responsible -- and I had my two-week nephrology labs after seeing the gyn.

As I was getting into the van, I had a craving for a loaded baked potato and I went to Ruby Tuesday's. I think theirs is best and there's one of their restaurants on my way home. I had the white bean chicken chili soup, too.

When I got to the transfer station, there were probably 10 times as many Canada geese as I've seen before and when I turned to go out, four were standing where my exit crossed over the exit from the giant truck weigh station. I waited for them to move, and left. I see the mallows are blooming -- I particularly like Rose of Sharon.

I dropped the trash off in our dumpster on the way in and got mail. Nothing to buy in today's SFBC catalog, again.

There's some new posters in the DC Metro. The problems with these are 1) you don't bring White House kids into the public, they get to grow up like children, 2) they go to private school, which probably does have vegetarian and/or vegan food, and 3) they aren't vegetarians or vegans (folks sometimes report what they eat when they eat out). So while Obama's daughters could have what the poster-makers think is a better lunch, they don't.
20111112, Marilee

The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After, Being the Private Correspondance Between Two

... Prominent Families Regarding A Scandal Touching The Highest Levels of Government and The Security of the Realm by Patricia C. Wrede and Carolyn Stevermer

This is the last of the trilogy that they wrote together and I read the first two before I was on LJ. You can read the Amazon reviews for Sorcery and Cecelia or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot and The Grand Tour.

This book is again correspondance between four people and back then, it took a while to get from one place to another. This is a world where magic is common and one couple is sent off to find out what happened to a German magic surveyer. They find dastardly plots, see transformed magicians, and one couple ends up with a superfluous child*. It's fun to read and although it leaves room for a book about the twins of one couple (in another ten years), it looks like that's not happening. You definitely want to read the first two books before this one.

*They give readers a big clue about the extra kid partway through and the problem with this is that's info that everybody in the book already knows. They aren't usually this loose with problems like this, so I don't know what happened.
20111112, Marilee

Save The Green Planet

This is a really unusual movie. It's South Korean and our protagonist, Byoung Gu (we'll go with B), believes that aliens are on Earth and plan to destroy it. He captures Mr. Kang, the owner of the factory where his mother was made comatose, because he thinks a chemical factory would be a good alien front. He and his girl friend Su-ni (S), who appears to be mentally disabled, shave Mr. Kang all over and torture him. We don't see much of the torture, but we do see the results. Mr. Kang lives through an awful lot of torture. B says Mr. Kang is just one of many and we do see jars full of hands and other human parts.

Mr. Kang keeps saying there are no aliens and eventually offers money. B only wants $4K and is seen on a security camera from a bank getting that much. Detective Chu puts it together when B pays $3xxx to catch up on his mother's hospital care, and decides to catch him himself and get the honor. He heads off to the rural area and is killed by B.

Detective Chu's replacement, Detective Kim, puts the same stuff together again, tells the squad leader who says they've just caught the guy (wrong guy, of course), but manages just to get caught by B. At this point, Mr. Kang admits to being an alien and tells B why they're on the Earth.

*His 75th ancestor saw a beautiful planet and called it the Green Planet. It was ruled by dinosaurs, but they accidently killed all of them with a virus, so they put people shaped like them on Earth, and we start seeing pictures: the monolith, tower of Babel, Atlantis, genetic changes, atomic bombs, water-covered world with Noah's Ark, baby with monkey face but blue human eyes, then an ape pounding with a bone while we see seconds of wars and recent historical violence, starting with Nazis. So now they tried experiments and have decided to destroy the planet. They have a brief discussion of relativity and B believes him. They leave Kim with a bomb and take Mr. Kang to the factory to set up a discussion with his son, the Prince.

Mr. Kang manages to kill S and think he's killed B but is attacked again when Kim arrives and shoots B. The squad leader turns up, takes all the honor, and we see the police and Mr. Kang getting into a car. Red bolts come from the sky and hit the detectives, then, erm, a UFO descends to take up Mr. Kang who berates his son for not rescuing him earlier. The son says he wasn't called and Mr. Kang says the son should have remembered he can't do telepathy without long hair. This is not the end and be sure to watch through the credits (no need to watch the actual credits unless you read SK ideograms).

So this movie has the results of torture, some almost slap-stick bits, and not quite what you expected at the end. Very weird, and highly recommended.

*I watched this again a few times -- Chapter 10, 1:30-35 -- and still couldn't identify all the wars.