August 10th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Yet Another Nap

Luke always asks me if he woke me up when he comes to get my mail key, and today he did. Usually he doesn't. I was just nodding off over here using the computer and decided to nap. It was like hitting a wall to open the door -- hot and humid -- but it didn't make 100F. Just 98 with 105 heat index, and I still can't go out in that.

I got a bill today from Verizon with the new DSL amount that said it was a Final Bill and would be sent to collection and after I convinced the voice system to give me an agent, he said there was no final bill and I shouldn't worry. He kept giving me a different amount than either the bills (the one due 8/27 and the Final) had so I'm not sure he's right.

I also got a letter from my private disability threatening me about making money. It said I didn't need to fill out forms now, but I might soon. I suspect they just send these out randomly to cause heart attacks in some of us so they won't have to pay that money.

And the final exciting mail today was the $10 copay bill from the air ambulance system. I printed that check and will drop it off at the post office tomorrow. I gathered all the health record stuff in the Amazon box I was going to use to mail it to Kaiser Customer Services and there's enough room for the folder where I'm keeping everything else about the stroke. I think I'll put the box aside for the time being and when everything is done (or I need more room than the folder), I'll store it in the box.