August 8th, 2009

20111112, Marilee

Pain in my Butt

Literally. I haven't used those muscles in a long time, since I'm not supposed to go up and down stairs, and I was in a lot of pain and could barely move last night. I ended up taking two big-deal pain meds to get to sleep and then couldn't wake up until about 2pm. That's late enough that I'm not going to try to install easypeasy today.

But today's WashPost shows the temp on Monday is expected to be 98F and I'm not allowed out in that, so it looks like I'm going grocery shopping Tuesday, if I need anything, and can do the install on Monday.
20111112, Marilee

Conrad's Fate by Diana Wynne Jones

This is a Chrestomanci novel where Christopher Chant goes to a Series Seven world and meets and works with Conrad. Conrad has been suckered into trying to kill someone whose death will benefit his uncle, but things don't turn out quite like expected. Conrad and Christopher are both made Improvers at a large mansion -- one will be the Count's valet eventually -- and they find that someone at the mansion is "pulling the probabilities." They're changing tiny bits of the world magically in order to make money, but the changes happen more and more often and they're trying to find out what went wrong. Another very good book from Jones.
20111112, Marilee

The Last Unicorn

I haven't read this in quite a while, so I don't know if the movie is close to Peter Beagle's book, but it felt like it. The animation from 1982 is nothing like today and at first that was annoying, but then I got into the story.

A couple of hunters come into a park and one tells the other that the last unicorn in the world is in that park, so they can't hunt there. She talks to herself about being sure she's the last and eventually leaves the park. She's trapped by an evil witch, but let go by a pseudo-magician named Shmendrick. They must find the Red Bull to let all the other unicorns out and on their way, they're caught by bandits. After Schmendrick gets rid of the bandits, except for their cook, they proceed on to the castle at the end of the world that has the red bull.

The unicorn meets the red bull and will die unless Schmendrick turns her into a human, which makes her fade and feel empty. But it does get them into the castle where the prince falls in love with her. They find out that all the other unicorns are in a cave under the castle, kept there by the red bull, and they learn how to get to the cave. They manage that and at a disastrous moment, the other unicorns come dashing in at the top of the waves and kill the red bull and the king. They head out, as do our group, and the world is right again.

Many of the voice actors are well-known: Mia Farrow, Alan Arkin, Tammy Grimes, Angela Lansbury, for example, and the band America does almost all the songs.